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The Fuck Yeah All Hallows Eve 2012 Fall Bucket List

Have friends over to Carve pumpkins
See Frankenweenie
See Paranorman
See Hotel Transylvania
See Paranormal Activity 4 or another horror film in theatres
Drink Cider
Eat Caramel apples
Drink pumpkin space latte
Watch the Universal Classic Monster Movies
Eat Candy Corn
Collect a red, yellow, orange and brown leaf
Eat a turkey sandwich with Stuffing
Drink Cranberry Splash
Eat Halloween Oreos
Wear at least 2 different Halloween Costumes
Watch Nightmare Before Christmas
Make Caramel or Candy Apples
Watch Elvira: Mistress of The Dark
Go to pumpkin patch
Go on Hayride (Haunted if applicable)
Go to Haunted House
Make Pumpkin cupcakes
Bake Pies
Go Trick or Treating
Go to or throw a Halloween Party
Wear Orange
Wear a sweater
Have a pumpkin beer
Read the Martha Stewart Halloween issue
Have apple pie with ice cream
Roast pumpkin seeds
Play in the leaves
Do a gravestone rubbing
Watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie brown
Do a Zombie Pub Crawl
Sit on the porch and smell the rain
Drink a pumpkin milkshake or have a pumpkin ice cream
Bake Pillsbury Halloween Cookies
Boo your neighbor
Watch Hocus Pocus
Celebrate Día de los Muertos
Read one classic “Halloween” Book (Frankenstein, Dracula, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll, Sleepy Hollow, Halloween Tree, Edgar Allan Poe etc.)
Aspire to have the best decorated House or Apartment on the block (even if you already know that you do)
Decorate Halloween cookies
Go to an Oktoberfest
Have a bowl of Frankenberry, Count Chocula, or Boo Berry

add or subtract your favorite Halloween traditions…

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